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10 Sanity-Saving Gadgets For Moms

From handy to drool-worthy, meet the 10 gadgets that are parenting game-changers.

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ZoLi Buzz B Nail Trimmer

Cringing at the thought of clipping baby’s nails? Use the nail trimmer ZoLi, which has cushioned pads that oscillate to file nails without hurting the surrounding skin. $35,


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Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer

We can’t think of any plus sides to having a fever, but at least you’ll get to use this awesome thermometer. You can take baby’s temperature without even touching him, so you don’t have to wake him. Plus, a color-coded light alerts you ASAP if he’s in a dangerous zone. $60,

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Mimo Baby Monitor Starter Kit

Soft turtle-shaped sensors right on the onesie give your iPhone info about baby’s breathing, temperature and movements — all of the things you want to be checking, all at once. $200,



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Beaba Babycook Pro

This one-piece baby food maker steam cooks, blends and reheats food in 15 minutes or less. No pots, no pans – win. $150,


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phil&teds Lobster Portable High Chair

It’s not exactly high-tech, but it’s ingenious. This bad boy gives baby a seat at any table — no big, clunky chair required. $80,


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Freemie Breast Pump

Dreaming of a world where you can pump breast milk while you keep your clothes on and do other things? Meet Freemie, the hands-free breast pump. And the attachments are compatible with several popular brands’ pumps too. $200,


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Kiinde Twist

This feeding system is a major stress-saver. Pump milk from any pump directly into breast milk storage bags, then organize, store, warm and feed baby from those same bags. No more of that tricky transfer to bottles. $40,


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Puj Snug Spout Cover

A simple (and adorable) parenting hack, this elephant spout cover protects your baby or toddler from bumps and bruises at bath time. $10,


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BRICA Day & Nightlight Musical Car Mirror

Ready to be the best chauffeur ever? Check on your rear-facing baby at any time of day, and play some music for her too. $27,


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4Moms Origami Stroller

A splurge, we know, but for good reason. It’s the first power-folding stroller out there, and it’s also the first mobile-device charging stroller. How does it hold a charge? It charges itself using kinetic energy as it rolls. Obviously. $850,

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