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Twins & Multiples

8 Awful Onesies For Twins

Who doesn’t “aww” at the sight of twins? Especially when they’re wearing adorable outfits. Sometimes, however, moms cross the line when it comes to dressing their babies in twin-friendly pieces. Here are a few onesies that turned our “awws” into “ewws.”
Twin A and Twin B
Why even make an effort to tell your twins apart? Just make sure you can find similar shirts for when they outgrow the onesies.
Copy and Paste
Don’t let your little ones forget they’re identical. No room for individuality here.
Good Twin and Evil Twin
It’s important for your twins to know their pre-decided personalities. After all, who wants two well-behaved children?
Weiner Dog
Every child wants to wear a picture of a dog butt...right?
Buy One, Get One
Oh, so you bought your twins? That explains how you lost the baby weight so fast.
Girl and Boy
So either your daughter looks very masculine or your son looks really feminine. Either way, strangers will appreciate the specification.
Double Trouble
I guess no one ever thought two babies could mean double joy or happiness.
And if you switch them around, they spell INTW!
By Leah Rocketto