First Trimester

9 Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy With Photos

Whether you pop it in the mail or post it on social media, a creative photo is a surefire way to grab everyone’s attention and proudly say, “I’m pregnant!” Prepare for a lot of likes.

Nate Jones/Jacalyn Lee
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Hashtag Hilarity

Funny signs—and silly expressions—are a lighthearted way to share the range of emotions you’re both feeling. (It’s harder to tell what the dog thinks about all this…)

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Shore Thing

Who doesn’t love a beach photo? A shot of matching flip-flops alongside a message written in the sand makes for a sweet and seasonal reveal.

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Beware of Dog

Spread the word about your pup’s latest job description with a simple sign hung around his neck.

Heather Curley
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Costumed Cutie

Let your caped crusader take a break from saving the world to share the news about his future sidekick.

Addison Studios
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Thinking Positive?

A cute illustration featuring a cheeky message makes an ideal stand-in for the actual pee stick.

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Third One’s the Charm

A framed chalkboard will let everyone know the score (and get a glimpse of the proud future big sis and brother).

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Baby Boot Camp

A tiny pair of sneakers marked with your due date lets baby put his best foot forward (before he’s even born!).

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Play on Words

Use a fun graphic to send the message that you’ll soon be bringing home the bacon, so to speak.

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Baby’s Future Bestie

Show off a set of tees emblazoned with each half of the iconic “best friends” heart charm—one for dog, one for baby.

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By Elizabeth Roehrig