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11 Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy With Photos

Whether you pop it in the mail or post it on social media, a creative photo is a surefire way to grab everyone’s attention and proudly say, “I’m pregnant!” Prepare for a lot of likes.
Chelsea B.
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Pet Shot

Okay, so your pet isn’t really going to be a big brother, but he’s your first baby and a pretty cute deliveryman for your news.

Sarah T.
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Balloon Shot

The arrows say it all! One baby’s here, and another one’s coming soon. Decorate balloons with your own message and snap away.

Crystal R.
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Sibling Shot

Here’s a cool way to deliver up-to-date pictures of your older children while announcing your baby-to-be. The color-coordinated outfits on big brother, sister and mama are too cute.

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Facebook Cover Photo
Ready to make your announcement on Facebook? Change your timeline cover photo to one of our “How Big Is Baby?” photos designed just for Facebook. (Download it here.) The change your cover photo every week to update family and friends on how much baby is growing!
Reese Stanley Photography
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Personalized Movie Poster

A custom movie poster totally takes the cake when it comes to unique reveals.

Leslie A.
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Onesie Shot

If you’re not too embarrassed to tell everyone where baby was conceived, go ahead and recreate this not-so-subtle yet sweet announcement.

Samantha L.
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Shoe Shot

It’s traditional and adorable, and it never gets old — we've seen shoe announcements with every type of shoes from flip-flops to TOMS and love them all.

Lisa H.
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Festive Touch

It’s a holiday and everyone’s posting photos of their decorations? Post your own — a Jack O’ Lantern, a pretty wreath, an Easter egg or anything else — with your pregnancy announcement worked into the design.

Michelle J.
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Bun In The Oven Shot

Take the “bun in the oven” metaphor literally and make your own baked good to capture in your announcement photo.

Jennifer S.
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Priceless Details

Here’s a cute play on two different themes: a New Year’s card and popular credit card commercials. Completely priceless.

Nicole B.
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Clothesline Shot

Hanging little baby socks is an adorable way to share your baby news — and if there are twins, it’s twice as nice. Add a cute message and you can’t go wrong.

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