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Awkward Maternity Photos

Creative is one thing, but some people come up with the kookiest (and creepiest) maternity photos. And we love them for it.
Twitter / The Bump
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If only she could put her doggy in a diaper.
Awkward Family Photos / The Bump
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Strange on so many levels.
Awkward Maternity Photos / The Bump
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Just because the booze is in a bottle doesn’t make it okay for baby.
Awkward Family Photos / The Bump
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Peekaboo! I see you!
We Know Awesome / The Bump
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Uncommon pregnancy side effect: the bunny tail.
The Chive / The Bump
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I think they're excited for their first, I mean baby.
Kill My Day Now / The Bump
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The ultimate hockey mom. Sarah Palin would be so proud!
The Chive / The Bump
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We probably shouldn’t let him hold the baby.
Team Gurner / The Bump
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He’s growing facial hair already?!
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Hey, at least he’s honest.
By Leah Rocketto