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Baby Photos

Babies Making Silly Faces

Say cheese! Look at these babies hamming it up for the camera.
Pucker Up
Baby’s making a kissy face (or is it a fishy face?). Either way, it’s cute! Submitted by Samantha L.
Check out this baby’s surprised face! What did Mommy do? Submitted by branscum
Laundry Hat
Is this little guy angry at the camera? He looks like he’s going to throw the laundry basket at it. Submitted by Collette R.
Lips Are Sealed
Baby’s keeping her mouth shut. Does she have a secret? Submitted by Megan S.
We imagine baby’s saying, “Oof!” Submitted by Sara E.
Sassy Baby
Pbbt! Submitted by Maria B.
Is baby on the verge of crying or cracking up? Submitted by Cassie W.
This baby may be challenging us to a staring contest. Submitted by findyourvoice
Wow, we don’t want to mess with this baby. Submitted by Amanda M.
Elmo Fan
Why is this baby screaming at the camera? Submitted by xoblondieox9
Eyes on the Camera
Chubby cheeks and a slightly open mouth? Adorable! Submitted by marisalovem
Baby looks full and satisfied. Submitted by Becky G.
By Sarah Yang