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Baby Photos

Babies Making Silly Faces

Say cheese! Look at these babies hamming it up for the camera.
Samantha L. / The Bump
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Pucker Up
Baby’s making a kissy face (or is it a fishy face?). Either way, it’s cute! Submitted by Samantha L.
Branscum / The Bump
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Check out this baby’s surprised face! What did Mommy do? Submitted by branscum
Collette R. / The Bump
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Laundry Hat
Is this little guy angry at the camera? He looks like he’s going to throw the laundry basket at it. Submitted by Collette R.
Megan S. / The Bump
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Lips Are Sealed
Baby’s keeping her mouth shut. Does she have a secret? Submitted by Megan S.
Sara E. / The Bump
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We imagine baby’s saying, “Oof!” Submitted by Sara E.
Maria B. / The Bump
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Sassy Baby
Pbbt! Submitted by Maria B.
Cassie W. / The Bump
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Is baby on the verge of crying or cracking up? Submitted by Cassie W.
Find Your Voice / The Bump
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This baby may be challenging us to a staring contest. Submitted by findyourvoice
Amanda M. / The Bump
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Wow, we don’t want to mess with this baby. Submitted by Amanda M.
xoblondieox99 / The Bump
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Elmo Fan
Why is this baby screaming at the camera? Submitted by xoblondieox9
marisalovem / The Bump
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Eyes on the Camera
Chubby cheeks and a slightly open mouth? Adorable! Submitted by marisalovem
Becky G. / The Bump
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Baby looks full and satisfied. Submitted by Becky G.
By Sarah Yang