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Baby And Pet BFFs

What’s cuter than babies with their pets? Nothing!
Jill D. / The Bump
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Let the slobber contest begin!
Submitted by Jill D.
Alicia S. / The Bump
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The first-ever dual-dog Boppy.
Submitted by Alicia S.
Amber H. / The Bump
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“I think if we push really hard, it’ll open.”
Submitted by Amber H.
Heather C. / The Bump
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This pup is so proud of his new best friend, he’s kinda getting a big head about it.
Submitted by Heather C.
Heather R. / The Bump
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Dad forgot to tell the cat about “Rodeo Mondays.”
Submitted by Heather R.
Dominique C. / The Bump
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Think this baby and her pup share bows?
Submitted by Dominique C.
Jen D. / The Bump
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Being this adorable is EXHAUSTING.
Submitted by Jen D.
Julie T. / The Bump
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“The last guy who messed with me ended up looking like my friend here.”
Submitted by Julie T.
Carrie D. / The Bump
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One little one’s play mat is another’s camouflage.
Submitted by Carrie D.
Molly Z. / The Bump
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It’s nice to have someone to lean on.
Submitted by Molly Z.
Sarah S. / The Bump
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“I see a pug-size space in this crib that’s just waiting to be filled....”
Submitted by Sarah S.
Taylor G. / The Bump
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Canine rule #1: When outnumbered, roll over and play dead.
Submitted by Taylor G.
Diana V. / The Bump
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“Yo quiero...pearls?”
Submitted by Diana V.
Bonnie J. / The Bump
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“Keep it down — we’re trying to sleep here!”
Submitted by Bonnie J.
Amy L. / The Bump
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Let’s play “Guess Who Peed the Bed”!
Submitted by Amy L.
Alisha E. / The Bump
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Staring contest: Who will win? Our money’s on the baby.
Submitted by Alisa E.
Ashley M. / The Bump
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If dogs could talk, this one would be saying, “Diaper 911!”
Submitted by Ashley M.
huskersgrl / The Bump
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Dog chins are the new seat belts.
Submitted by huskersgrl
By The Bump Editors