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Baby And Parent Lookalikes!

You pretty much expect your baby to come into the world resembling or your partner, right? (Because who else would she look like — the cat?) But you’ve just got to see how uncanny the similarities are between these parents and their babies and toddlers. You’ll be asking yourself who’s who!
Lori Richmond / The Bump
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Baby’s biggest “Surprise!”

How awesome is it that mama and baby both nailed the shocked face within their first few months?!

Danielle Goldman / The Bump
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Squeeze-worthy button nose

Don’t you just want to give them both a kiss?!

Priscilla Morris / The Bump
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Big, beautiful eyes

Does it get any cuter?! (No, the answer is no.)


Sandy Lemon / The Bump
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Pinchable cheeks

They’re good enough to eat!


Jennifer Penrose / The Bump
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Grade-school grin

Now that’s a hundred-watt smile.


Jamie Koch / The Bump
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The perfect pout

Watch out, Angelina! You’ve got competition.


Lisa Hill / The Bump
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Mischievous laugh

Can’t even image how difficult is to get mad at that face!

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By Kylie McConville