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Ridiculously Cute Baby Animals

Okay, we realize this is a little off-topic for us, but we love babies so much and we love animals so much, we decided to put together some of the cutest baby animal photos we’ve ever seen. That way, you new moms looking for something to do while you’re feeding baby, and you pregnant moms-to-be waiting for your own little cubs to arrive, have something adorable to look at. Each is seriously cuter than the last. Enjoy!

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Baby Penguin

Mom and baby bond in their Antarctica nest.

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Days-Old Puppy

We wish we had this little peanut napping in our arms. Right. Now.

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Baby Black Rhinoceros

Did you know: A baby rhino gestates for about 15 to 16 months.

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Okay, so having ducks as pets would be pretty offbeat, but this pic makes us want to!

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Baby Deer

Are you thinking Bambi too?

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Baby Panda

This brand-new giant panda naps in a zoo in Thailand.

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Harp Seal Pup

When we think “baby face,” this is what comes to mind.

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White Tiger Cub

We just want to smoosh this little guy.

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Baby Zebra

Look at this little striped colt gallop away!

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Newborn Sheep

A baby sheep naps on an amazingly green pasture.

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Spotty Piglet

We love this pot-bellied baby!

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Baby Elephant

A young elephant enjoys some playtime.

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Baby Hedgehog

We never thought we’d call a hedgehog cute. But here you go.

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Baby Orangutan

Toe-sucking. Just like our own babies.

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Polar Bear Cubs

These polar bear cubs stay close to their mama.

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Baby Raccoon

We forgive you for knocking over our garbage cans last night.

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Wheaten Scottish Terrier Puppy

Is that the same pose as your baby’s newborn pics?

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Fox Pups

These siblings hang out in a hollow log.

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Week-Old Piglet

Okay, we already showed you an adorable pig — but we just can’t get enough!

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