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Baby Photos

Baby Musicians

Who knows, maybe one of these babies will be a Grammy winner someday! Check out the cutest photos of Bumpies’ musically inclined babies.
Guitar Hero
This little guy’s guitar is the perfect size for him! Super-cute. Submitted by Lauren B.
Pots and Pans
Who needs a drum set when you’ve got kitchenware? Submitted by Rebecca G.
Little Drummer Girl
This tot’s got a cool, brightly colored drum. We want it! Submitted by Erin K.
This baby’s favorite naptime spot? On a guitar. Submitted by Ashley B.
Beat It
Baby’s making some sweet beats on her drum. Submitted by Amanda A.
Future Violinist
We’re digging this kid’s form. Submitted by Andreana M.
Rockin’ ’Do
We don’t know what’s cooler: this little girl’s guitar or her awesome hair. We’ll call it a tie. Submitted by Rashida W.
Taking Notes
This tot is concentrating on learning some new chords. Submitted by Kristen C.
Good Vibrations
Whoa! Check out this little girl who’s all ready to play on a real drum set. Submitted by Dominique C.
By Sarah Yang