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Cute Baby Scrapbooks

Keep track of baby’s milestones with these adorable memory books. Get crafting!

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Vital Stats

This scrapbook has room to fill in baby’s vital stats (like weight, length), but there are also spaces to include fun pop culture facts or current events that happened during baby’s first year (like how much a six-pack of beer cost or what kind of device people used to listen to music). $17,

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Mini Baby Book

This is made from chipboard and is compact — a perfect gift for grandparents! $14,

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Owl Scrapbook

Owls are a huge trend right now — this handmade scrapbook is unique and will look like you made it yourself! $29,

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Baby Days Memory Book

Check out the adorable turtles and cool retro design on this memory book! $21,

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Memory Box

This memory box comes with a baby book for you to record baby’s first-year milestones. The box has a built-in drawer so you can save keepsakes like birth announcements and cards from family and friends. $50,

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Winnie the Pooh Memory Book

If you’re a fan of the lovable Disney character, you’ll fall in love with this memory book for baby. $30,

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Birthday Book

Record your baby’s birthday every year from birth to age 18 with this book. There’s even space to stick birthday photos and cards. We love that it comes with interview questions you can ask baby each year (after she starts talking, of course!) and jot down her answers. $12,

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Footprint Book

Baby’s first footprint takes center stage in this book. $25,

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Number One

Chart your newborn’s first year with this bright, funky notebook. There are tabs for celebrations, favorites, moments and sweet things (cute and silly stuff that baby does). $29,

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Silly Scrapbook

For moms who like to keep it real, this baby book lets you include your craziest moments with baby. $10,

By Sarah Yang