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My Baby’s Silliest Outfit

Time to call the Fashion Police! These babies’ outfits are just plain crazy (and hilarious)!
Noora S. / The Bump
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“Yeah, I pooped. The glasses made me do it!”
Submitted by Noora S.
wandafeet / The Bump
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This is how you train your future sumo wrestler.
Submitted by wandafeet
Stephanie D. / The Bump
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“Really, Mom? What happened to just putting on Santa hats and calling it a day?”
Submitted by Stephanie D.
hyfagal / The Bump
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“It’s my party and I’ll wear as many bows as I want to!”
Submitted by hyfagal
pepomntpat / The Bump
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Paper plates are the new floppy hats.
Submitted by pepomnpat
Carrie D. / The Bump
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“You talkin’ to me?”
Submitted by Carrie D.
ashleymichelle06 / The Bump
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Top half is all Dad; bottom is all Mom.
Submitted by ashleymichelle06
Amanda H. / The Bump
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When crazy bunnies happen to cute babies. We’re officially scared.
Submitted by Amanda H.
gwinnygirl / The Bump
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Ugly duckling? Never heard of him.
Submitted by gwinnygirl
Terri Ci / The Bump
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Our weaknesses: cute babies and buttery goodness.
Submitted by Terri C.
By The Bump Editors