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Tantrums: Caught In The Act!

These kids just can’t take it anymore. Check out these meltdowns that we have to admit are kind of funny!

Samantha L. / The Bump
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“La, la, la — I’m not listening!”
Sara F. / The Bump
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“Get. These. Wings. Off. Me. NOW!”
Patience T. / The Bump
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“Where’s my breakfast?!”
Erin S. / The Bump
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“Mom, you brought me the wrong sippy cup again!”
Taylor G. / The Bump
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“How could you do this to me?”
Amanda A.
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"What do you mean there's no more Puffs?"
Angelique W.
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"I'm not leaving without that bike!"
Holly C.
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"You mean I actually have to walk home?"
Kristy B.
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"I hate these pants so much that I put paint all over them. Take that, Mom!"
Leslie M.
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"Yes, I am going outside. And I will wait right here until you let me out!"
Michelle G.
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"I don't care if Santa is watching! I. Hate. This. Snow!"
Nathalie C.
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"I said 'come watch me go down the slide!'"
Shandra M.
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"I'm NOT going to school today and you can't make me!"
Tiffany P.
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"No dessert? But... why?!"
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"You know I hate this pink tutu!"
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"How dare you lock me out of the Tupperware cabinet!"
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"You expect me to share my cake with that beast?! Absolutely not!"
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"No bedtime bottle? What are you — crazy?!"
By The Bump Editors