Third Trimester

Reasons To Get Put On Bed Rest?

Could I get put on bed rest during my pregnancy? What conditions might make that more likely?

Bed rest is fairly common, but know that if your doc says you should stick to it, it really will be good for you and baby (no matter how unfun the idea of it is!). An order of bed rest will come as a result of a specific diagnosis or condition. The most common are:

Risk of preterm labor . If you show signs of preterm labor, staying off your feet could help.

Multiples pregnancy . Expecting twins (or more!) puts you at a higher risk for preterm labor.

High blood pressure. If you have a high blood pressure condition like preeclampsia, your doc may order bed rest to help lower your stress levels and, in turn, your BP.

It’s an awesome idea that you’re asking about this because it’s super-important to know exactly why you’re getting put on bed rest. Your condition will influence exactly how much (if any) activity you can do.

Remember: Have plenty to keep your mind occupied (books, magazines, music) on hand, and ask friends and family to help out with as many of your to-dos as possible. It’s vital to your — and baby’s — health that you stick to your OB’s orders.

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