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Best Bumpie Halloween Photos

We just love users — and their adorable babies. Check out some of the cutest baby Halloween photos they uploaded, messaged, tweeted, facebooked and emailed us. Which one’s your favorite?
Bunny Baby Costume
Hope this huggable bunny had a Hoppy Halloween.
Submitted by akayf
Monkey Baby Costume
Insert monkeying around joke here.
Submitted by Alias
Angry Bird Baby Costume
This happy bird is a real winner.
Submitted by BettleLinz1125
Cow Baby Costume
Whoa Bessie! Love this little calf.
Submitted by BetsieE
Monster Baby Costume
We’ve got our pinching fingers ready.
Submitted by biblionerd
Super Mario Baby Costume
There’s just something about babies in mustaches…
Submitted by ChelseaG
Yoda Baby Costume
The force. Strong with this one, it is.
Submitted by ChristiL
Pirate Baby Costume
Submitted by christine_marie
Rabbit Baby Costume
You’d be hopping mad not to love this one.
Submitted by cristiana
Cat Baby Costume
There are no words. To describe. This mega cuteness.
Submitted by EmmaW
Lobster Baby Costume
So adorable we could eat this little crustacean up.
Submitted by MrsDanielRN
Monkey Baby Costume
It’s a jungle out there folks!
Submitted by PrettyInPearls23
Dragon Baby Costume
Puff! This (adorably) pouty kid’s costume is pure magic.
Submitted by ShanJosh777
Skeleton Baby Costume
No bones about it, this little trick-or-treater is super sweet.
Submitted by Sobe816
By The Bump Editors