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Best Baby Holiday Photos

Planning to take lots of photos this holiday season? Of course you are! Here are some must-have shots you’ll want to capture.

Raphael Goetter/Flickr / The Bump
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Baby in a Stocking

Got an oversized stocking? Why not snuggle baby inside for sweet shot.

Stillframe/Flickr / The Bump
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Baby Dressed as Santa

A baby in a Santa suit is adorable. Add mini glasses? Totally irresistible.

PrettyInPearls23 / The Bump
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Baby Trimming the Tree

Up to you whether baby’s in the buff or wearing skivvies. Either way, trimming his first tree is a priceless shot.

beccs98 / The Bump
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Baby in a Holiday Sweater

Getting the family pet in the action makes the obligatory Christmas sweater shot even cuter.

FunKa-Lerele/Flickr / The Bump
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Baby Sleeping

No doubt, the excitement of the holiday will wipe baby out at some point. Be sure to capture her dreaming of sugar plums.

Chimothy27/Flickr / The Bump
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Baby With Reindeer Antlers

Do we really need to explain why this is so adorable?

Dejavu2 / The Bump
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Baby with Santa

Could be on Santa’s lap — or just a smidge of Santa, like in this sweet shot.

Chrisphoto / The Bump
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Baby Under the Tree

Best present ever!

Librarianmer/Flickr / The Bump
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Baby Opening Gifts

Sometimes the package is better than the gift. Be sure to catch baby tearing it up.

Alan Bruce/Flickr / The Bump
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Baby Dressed Like a Star

Don’t know where to get the star suit, but it makes for a memorable photo!

Babasteve / The Bump
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Baby With Her First Christmas Mementos

Baby will probably get an ornament, a stocking, a blanket (or all of the above) that says Baby’s First Christmas. Be sure to snap baby with her keepsake to document just how little she was when she got it.

JodyDigger/Flickr / The Bump
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Baby With Christmas Decorations

We don’t recommend letting baby play with strings of Christmas lights, but you can make a quick (well-supervised) exception to take this glowing shot.

ShutterDaddy/Flickr / The Bump
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Baby with Her Favorite Toy

Whether baby’s been cuddling it for months, or it’s a new gift, get a beloved toy in on the photo action.

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