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Second Trimester

7 Ways To Capture The Perfect Maternity Photo

Your changing body is a beautiful thing, and there all different ways to document it. The only question now is: Are you ready for your close-up?

Alicia Gines Photography
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The Family Portrait

For something extra-sweet include all the members of your growing family. It’s a memory you won’t want to forget, and a great way to get younger children excited for their new sibling.

Alicia Gines Photography
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The Glam Shot

Dare to don a belly shirt and a few bold accessories—this shoot is all about you, so don’t be afraid to work that bump.

Alicia Gines Photography
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The Outdoorsy Shot

Love the great outdoors? Show off your bump with the kind of gorgeous backdrop only Mother Nature can provide.

Sophie Kormos for Michael Kormos Photography
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The Creative Shot

Who says maternity shoots have to be same old, same old?  Play up one of your passions and incorporate something uniquely you to give your photo a creative edge.

Lauren Kennedy for Bella Baby Photography
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The Contemplative Shot

Okay, so somebody put baby in the corner!  A reflective moment like this can make for a very moody and memorable photo.

Lauren Kennedy for Bella Baby Photography
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The Casual and Comfy Shot

Throw on something cozy and pose around the house for maternity photos that are pretty, relaxed and real.

Lauren Kennedy for Bella Baby Photography
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The Above-the-Bump Shot

Change perspective and shoot from above, looking down on your bump. It’s the perfect angle for a shot of you cradling your belly and showing baby some love.

By Anisa Arsenault