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Bundled Up Babies

Yes, there are babies somewhere in those big, puffy coats! Check out the cutest photos Bumpies sent in of their kids all dressed for winter weather.
Kaiterz / The Bump
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Chubby Cheeks
This no-nonsense baby is thinking, Don’t even think about squeezing my cheeks. Submitted by Kaiterz
Tessa D / The Bump
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Babies — they’ll sleep anywhere, even if it’s in below-freezing temps! Submitted by TessaD
k8morgan / The Bump
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Sibling Time
Pop quiz: Spot the fake baby. Submitted by k8morgan
kathyB / The Bump
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Pink Power
“You want me to go out in this?!” Submitted by KathyB
jeninedesouza / The Bump
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Bear-y Snug
Looks like this little cub is ready for hibernation. Submitted by jeninedesouza
AmberC / The Bump
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Sled Away
Sledding is serious business for this baby — she’s got to dress the part. Submitted by AmberC
amy21tom / The Bump
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This little guy’s winter wardrobe is stylish! Submitted by amy21tom
AnnaK / The Bump
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Playful Plaid
The classic bundled-up-baby-with-his-arms-sticking-out photo. Submitted by AnnaK
ThePastorsWife / The Bump
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All Smiles
Baby’s ready to throw some snowballs. Submitted by ThePastor’sWife
jsong / The Bump
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Caterpillar Baby
Winter coat that could practically double as a sleeping bag? We want one too! Submitted by jsong
ksuggitt / The Bump
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Hide and Seek
Forget “Where’s Waldo?” — what about “Where’s Baby?” Submitted by ksuggitt
anonsouthernbell / The Bump
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Snow Bunny
Too cute! Submitted by anonsouthernbell
Smynings_bride / The Bump
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Sneaky Grin
We’re going to be honest here: This baby looks like she’s up to no good with her devilish grin. Submitted by Smynings_bride
Brittany S / The Bump
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We’re loving the mohawk hat. Submitted by BrittanyS
jen / The Bump
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Funky Monkey
Baby’s all set for winter adventures with his monkey and fuzzy outerwear. Submitted by Jen
Mara005 / The Bump
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Frosty the Snowman
Check out this baby’s snowman masterpiece! Submitted by Mara005
cassoppea / The Bump
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Hey, sometimes it’s exhausting playing in the snow. Submitted by cassoppea
loganlac / The Bump
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Baby Bear
A cute wintry polar bear...err, baby. Submitted by loganlac
lindsayj09 / The Bump
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Seeing Red
Baby’s easy to spot with his bright-red snowsuit and adorable raccoon hat. Submitted by lindsayj09
hwsgigles8 / The Bump
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All cozy and comfy — let it snow! Submitted by hwsgigles8
By Sarah Yang