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Celebrity Pregnancy Cravings

Celebs: They’re just like us! Okay, not really, but Hollywood mamas-to-be have weird cravings too.
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Kate Middleton

Though the Duchess of Cambridge has been pretty mum on her pregnancy so far, the mama-to-be apparently can't keep quiet about her latest craving: vegetarian curry! Lucky for the expectant mama, a local convenience store in her parents' area makes a recipe Kate likes — bet they'll be stopping by often.

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Jessica Simpson

Naturally, we thought that she would crave tuna (or was it chicken?), but Jessica’s go-to snack is cantaloupe and salt.

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Hilary Duff

The actress and singer, who’s expecting a baby boy, tweeted about her love for Rice Krispies treats. She’s also admitted she craves Red Hots candy, chocolate-covered pretzels and pickles.

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Kourtney Kardashian

When she was pregnant with her first child, Mason, the reality star tweeted she craved waffles with butter and syrup and, weirder, a relish and mayo sandwich (thankfully, that was a onetime thing!). Who knows what she’s going to crave for her second pregnancy...

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Jennifer Garner

Junk food is apparently Jennifer Garner’s pregnancy vice. The actress, who’s already mom to Violet and Seraphina, is reportedly craving cookies and cheese puffs. We’ll cut her some slack on that one — she’s a pretty fit mama. She’ll probably lose the baby weight in seconds.

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Niki Taylor

The stunning supermodel couldn’t resist the call of Taco Bell when she was pregnant with her newborn son, Rex Harrison. She admitted to fiending for three hard tacos, a bean burrito and Sierra Mist.

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Victoria Beckham

Being the posh Brit she is, Victoria Beckham loved spreading layers of marmalade on toast and washing it down with tea (caffeine-free, we’re guessing!) during her fourth pregnancy.

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Tori Spelling

While she was pregnant with her second child, Stella, Tori craved rocky road ice cream and avocados. We’re not so sure if she ate them together or not. Before she gave birth to her third child, Hattie, in October, Tori craved something she couldn’t have — sushi — and couldn’t wait to indulge postbirth.

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Rachel Zoe

Fashionista Rachel Zoe had a penchant for tart flavors like grapefruit and strawberries. How healthy! No wonder she was back to her pre-pregnancy bod immediately after she gave birth to her son, Skyler.

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Mariah Carey

We’re guessing her hubby, Nick Cannon, became a 7-Eleven regular while Mariah was expecting twins Moroccan and Monroe. Cherry-flavored Slurpees were at the top of her craving wish list. Another craving for the singer? Late-night candied apples. Mariah and Nick made homemade ones because they couldn’t find them anywhere at 2 a.m.

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Tina Fey
The 30 Rock star, who’s mom to two daughters, Alice and Penelope, craved Entenmann’s chocolate doughnuts during her first pregnancy. The funny mama said she gained nine pounds in two weeks because she was eating close to a box of doughnuts a day!
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Natalie Portman

The Oscar-winning actress admitted to having very cliche pregnancy cravings with her first son, Aleph: She craved pickles and ketchup! No shame in that, Natalie. Stick with the classics!

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Emily Deschanel
The Bones star kept cool during her summer pregnancy with lemonade. She was a big citrus fan, it seems, since she also munched on grapefruit.
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Jenna Fischer
The Office’s Jenna Fischer channeled her inner child and indulged in mac and cheese and Lucky Charms when she was pregnant. Yum!
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Jessica Alba

How did Jessica Alba cool off during her summer pregnancy? By eating lots of watermelon! Before she gave birth to her second daughter, Haven, in August, she told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, “I will kill for watermelon.”

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Selma Blair

Selma was a big fan of breakfast fare during her first pregnancy with son Arthur — she craved pancakes (gluten-free because of her diet) and grapefruit.

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Christina Applegate
The Up All Night actress regularly tweeted about her pregnancy cravings when she was expecting her first child, Sadie. Her vices? Pizza and avocados. But when asked about a rumor that she bought 12 caramel apples, she shot them down, saying, “I loathe caramel apples, and I don’t eat sugar!”
By Sarah Yang