Your Toddler: 13-18 Months

Checklist: Eco Friendly Parenting

Take care of baby and the environment with our eco-friendly checklist.

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Take care of baby and the environment with our eco-friendly checklist.

Going green? Good idea. Check out these easy ways to take care of baby and the environment.

[ ] Make your own baby food. (Wash your fruits and veggies, steam or boil, throw 'em in the blender, hit puree, strain, and serve!) Not your scene? Try organic store-bought versions. You’ll find a ton of options from Gerber, Earth’s Best, Plum Organics and Happy Baby.

[ ] Use non-toxic cleaners, and take measures to avoid contact. Dilute your chosen suds (non-toxic or not), give all surfaces a clean-water rinse after scrubbing, wash sponges and cloths thoroughly, and allow the area a few hours of ventilation.

[ ] Try an earth-friendly sling made of organic cotton and hemp. (Crops of hemp enrich the soil and decrease run-off.)

[ ] Buy toys made from organic fibers, wood, or other natural materials. Can’t avoid the influx of plastics? Just be sure to donate them when baby’s done — many major hospitals accept used toys made of hard plastics.

[ ] As for the diaper: Cloth or disposable? It’s a tricky question, and some moms are even getting fed up and going diaper-free! (We aren’t so brave.) Check out gDiapers — this new company makes a biodegradable, flushable insert that fits inside a breathable liner.

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By The Bump Editors