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Q&A: Discussing Having A Baby With Partner?

What are important things to consider when my spouse and I discuss whether we're ready for a baby?

This discussion is definitely a good idea. The following questions should help get the conversation started... and yes, there's a little more to talk about than where you'll start trying.

[  ] How many kids do we envision having?

[  ] How old is too old to have a baby? And how old is too old to have kids in the house?

[  ] If we got pregnant next month, what would we think? Yay? Yikes??

[  ] Are there things we desperately want to do or accomplish before becoming a trio?

[  ] Who's the first person we'd tell?

[  ] What lifestyle changes will we need to make when we become parents?

[  ] Do daddies (or mommies) do diapers?

[  ] Who's going to take care of the kids?

[  ] What's our response when people ask about baby plans?

By The Bump Editors