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Eco-Friendly Baby Products You’ll Love

Go green with these baby products. They’re safe and free of toxic chemicals!
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The Ultimate Eco Dinnerware

Entirely biodegradable, this Bamboo Studio dinner set is made with all the strength and durability of plastic ware, without the harsh chemicals. We love the nature-inspired design, too, as an added reminder of the good you're both doing for the environment.  $18,


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Family Essentials
A monthly supply of everything you’ll need for household chores? Sounds pretty convenient to us. The Honest Company (Jessica Alba’s new venture) provides parents with a care package of supplies, like diapers and wipes. All of the products are non-toxic, natural and organic — and they come in super-cute packaging. The bundle comes with laundry detergent, shampoo, body lotion, hand soap and healing balm. $36 per month,
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Super-Soft Bibs
These Ju-Ju-Be Beat Neat bibs make feeding easy (phew!). Made with teflon so stains don't stick, you won't need to worry about washing the same bibs over (and over) again to get hard-to-remove pureed spinach splotches out. They're reversible with a magnetic close and made to kill germs, mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria and more. Sounds like a good deal, huh? $20,
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Ultra-Sensitive Diaper Powder
Diaper rash happens (sorry) — and when it does, you'll be ready. California Baby's certified organic powder uses organic corn and tapioca startches to soothe and pamper baby's sore bum so she heals faster (and won't be fussy). You can even use the non-talc powder on other parts of baby's body: From chafed legs to irritated necklines, it does it all — it's that good! $14,
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A Luxe Infant Play Mat

Okay, this one is a bit of a splurge, but if you’re really into eco-friendly living, you wouldn’t want to skimp on a play mat — where baby practices his tummy time — would you? $120,



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Incredibly Gentle Soothing Ointment
Made exclusively for baby, the new Baby Bee line by Burt's Bees does more than just nourish — it calms baby too. The lavender and vanilla help relax and lull baby to sleep while shea butter softens baby's gentle skin. That's three different benefits, all in one bottle. It's even pediatrician-approved. $10,
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Long-Lasting Baby Bottles
ThinkBaby bottles are BPA free and made from materials that can be recycled after baby’s outgrown them. The bottles are sustainable and versatile; they convert to sippy cups so you can use them again and again. The Starter Set comes with four bottles and every size nipple. $20 for the Starter Set,
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Baby-Safe Bug Repellent
This Bug Away Bug Repellent is every mom's dream: It keeps the bugs from bothering baby using only the safest, most natural ingredients that won't irritate his sensitive skin. Non-toxic, non-chemical and hypoallergenic, it's safe for the whole family to use. $16,
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Adorable Cloth Diapers
Not looking forward to cleaning out pail-loads of dirty diapers? Using a cloth diaper means two things: A stink-free space and a durable diaper you can use again and again. Not to mention, KangaCare Rumparooz diapers are the only cloth diapers on the market to patent leak-proof technology. They're even made with a double barrier to keep blowouts contained (phew!). $24,
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Family-Friendly Dish and Bottle Soap

Finally, a soap that works on baby's bottles, your dinner dishes and even your breast pump. It's fragrance free and won't leave harmful gel or chemical residue behind. It foams instantly (fun!), and guarantees more than 600 pumps of soap, so you will totally get your money's worth. $7,


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Green Seat
This convertible car seat is the first that uses fabrics that are BFR-free (Brominated Flame Retardants, which contain potentially harmful contaminants). It’s also completely chemical-free. And when you're ready to go car seat-free, Orbit Baby has a recycling program to consciously get rid of baby's seat. $380,
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Natural Baby Wash

Want to know just how much we love this Little Twig Tangerine Baby Wash? It's gentle on newborns, dermatologist-tested, paraben-, sulfate- and phtahalate-free, loaded with vitamin E and aloe and made directly from extracted plants (which means it doesn't use artificial products). But wait, there's more: The essential oils include jojoba, tea tree, lavender and chamomile. So go on, mom, use it in the shower — we won't tell! $15,

Updated November 5, 2013

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