34 weeks

Q&A: Feeding Supplies For A Newborn?

I'm not sure if I'm going to breastfeed or not yet... if I decide to bottle feed, what supplies should I buy?

Actually, even if you do decide to breastfeed, keep bottles and nipples on hand for pumping. This will give your partner a chance to feed and bond with the baby, and enable you to take a break if necessary. (Items with a * are must-haves.)

[   ] 10-16 bottles and nipples, both four and eight ounce (if fed strictly by the bottle, baby will go through about ten in the four ounce size per day)*

[   ] Liners, for disposable bottles

[   ] Bottle warmer (cuts down on nighttime trips to and from the kitchen)

[   ] Bottle sterilizer (if your dishwasher doesn’t have one)

[   ] Bottle brush

[   ] Dishwasher basket for small items

[   ] 4-8 bibs

[   ] Burp cloths (or cloth diapers)*

[   ] High chair

[  ] 2-4 pacifiers

[   ] Formula (if not nursing)*

For nursing moms:

[   ] 1-3 nursing bras (Breasts swell following birth, so start with one size larger than your maternity bra. Wait until size settles down — about twoweeks after birth — to purchase additional bras.)

[   ] Nursing pads

[   ] Nipple cream

[ ]   Nursing pillow

[   ] Pump (even if you plan only to nurse, a pump will allow you to leave milk for baby if you want or need to separate)*

[   ] Milk storage bags*

By Paula Kashtan