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Babies Wearing Funny Onesies

Baby (and mom and dad!) has a sense of humor! Check out these comical and creative onesies. Who says you can’t have fun with fashion?
hepcats / The Bump
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“Like” This
According to his onesie, this baby is bald, unemployed and still living with his parents. We’ll still friend him! Submitted by hepcats
Lauren / The Bump
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Conan’s Biggest Fan
Baby’s definitely on Team Coco. Submitted by Lauren
Kristina F. / The Bump
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It’s tiring being so popular. Submitted by Kristina F.
Laura D. / The Bump
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Shout-out to the Prez
Baby’s saying, “What’s up, Barack?” Submitted by Laura D.
kimbim01 / The Bump
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Cool ’Stache
We’re not sure what we love more — baby’s mustache pacifier or his awesome onesie. Submitted by kimbim01
steph0501 / The Bump
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Parental Guidance
We never thought we’d love someone who still lived with his parents! Submitted by steph0501
Sky C. / The Bump
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Daddy’s Girl
This baby’s taking it to the links. Submitted by SkyC
Brina Elka / The Bump
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Rough ’n’ Tough
Whoa, we don’t want to mess with this baby. Submitted by BrinaElka
By Sarah Yang