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How To Buy: A Bassinet

Starting baby off in a bassinet before moving on to the crib? We’ve got buying advice every new parent needs to know.

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Many parents start out by using a bassinet in their bedroom for baby. For an exhausted new parent, running back and forth to the nursery to feed and check on baby may simply be more crazy-making than it’s worth. You’ll also feel safer at first with baby nearby. If you’re worried about baby adjusting to the crib later, have her take naps in it to start getting acclimated.

A bassinet is also nice because it can be transported from room to room, so you can keep baby with you wherever you are. It’s generally usable for the first four or five months, or until baby outgrows it.

Just like with your crib, make sure the bassinet is sturdy and well put together, with a wide and supportive base. If yours has foldable legs and/or wheels, make sure both lock securely. The same rule also applies for the mattress — if you can fit two fingers between it and the sides of the bassinet, the mattress is too small.

Use the same precautions for Moses baskets, which are similar to bassinets but lighter and more portable. Be especially sure to check the sidewalls of these — anything remotely flimsy just won’t do.


By Paula Kashtan