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Instagram Challenge: 25 Summer Baby Photos

Last week, we asked you to upload your favorite summer baby pictures to Instagram using the hashtag #thebump. We received tons of adorable submissions—pictures of your babies at the pool, on the beach, decked out for the Fourth of July, and more. Here are 25 of our favorite photos from the challenge (stay tuned — we'll have another one soon!).

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Photo: Instagram / The Bump
Instagram user babeecrafts / The Bump
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Beach babies

Photo by Instagram user babeecrafts.

Instagram user danilynnheartsyou / The Bump
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Summer reading

User danilynnheartsyou's baby.

Instagram user brandilouwho / The Bump
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Ready for the parade

User brandilouwho's baby.

Instagram user jhayboston / The Bump
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Kisses for dad

User jhayboston's baby.

Instagram user parsonsfamily / The Bump
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Lazy days of summer

User parsonsfamily's baby.

Instagram user missivyy / The Bump
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Ready for a swim

User missivyy's baby.

Instagram user c_nacole / The Bump
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Sweet shades!

User c_nacole's baby.

Instagram user everydayroyalty / The Bump
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Pool time!

Photo by user everydayroyalty.

Instagram user amvalley / The Bump
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Little baby, big tube

User amvalley's baby.

Instagram user amyhawkins262 / The Bump
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Baby's first Fourth of July

User amyhawkins262's baby.

Instagram user bryaly / The Bump
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Summertime fun

Photo from user bryaly.

Instagram user toberomeossecret / The Bump
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Fun in the sun

User toberomeossecret's baby.

Instagram user kellyslater85 / The Bump
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Summertime cool

User kellyslater85's baby.

Instagram user brianaboyd / The Bump
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Cooling off in the shade

User brianaboyd's baby.

Instagram user hnnh / The Bump
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Enjoying the pool

User h_nn_h's baby.

Instagram user mrsharris52006 / The Bump
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Cool hat!

User mrsharris52006's baby.

Instagram user ohheykt / The Bump
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Lounging in the pool

User ohheykt's baby.

Instagram user jeanettejohnsen / The Bump
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Catching some rays

User jeanettejohnsen's baby.

Instagram user mayeli4002 / The Bump
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Ready for a swim

User mayeli4002's baby.

Instagram user mommymurphy292 / The Bump
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"No pictures, please!"

User mommymurphy292's baby.

Instagram user rachierach77 / The Bump
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A swim with dad

User rachierach77's baby.

Instagram user inyaa_eli / The Bump
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Cooling off

User inyaa_eli's baby.

Instagram user missmamanicole / The Bump
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Pondering a swim

User missmamanicole's baby.

Instagram user elizjmcfarland / The Bump
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Laughing with mom

User elizjmcfarland's baby.

Instagram user jsouza516 / The Bump
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Baby loves summer

User jsouza516's baby.

By Kathleen Mulpeter