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Q&A: Interviewing A New OB?

How should I pick my OB? What kinds of things should I ask when I'm trying to decide?

You're lucky to have a choice. Use these questions to make the most of your good fortune and come to an informed decision.

[  ] If it’s a group practice, what are your chances of having your primary OB deliver?

[  ] Who will be there if your primary OB isn't available in an emergency or when labor begins?

[  ] What is the hospital affiliation?

[  ] What is the cesarean rate?

[  ] Does the doctor (or group) perform episiotomies as a matter of course?

[  ] What is the doctor's attitude about patients having a birth plan with their personal preferences?

[  ] How does the doctor feel about pain medication during birth?

[  ] What are the after-hours policies? Is the doctor available by phone or email for questions between visits, or is there a nurse who can answer provide advice and answers?

[  ] What experience does the doctor (or group) have with high-risk pregnancies?

[  ] How many babies do they deliver per year?

After your interview, ask yourself if the doctor really listened to your concerns and seemed comfortable with your views on pregnancy, childbirth and medical care. If the answer is no, keep looking.