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10 Hilarious (and Scary!) Kid Messes

So, you want to have a baby, do you? These photos won’t make you rethink your plans for parenthood but they probably will make you reconsider buying that white couch.
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1. “Look, mommy! We drew you!”

What’s worse than that rendering looking more like an alien than you is that it’s a brand-new couch.
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2. At least it’s not blood?

But it is Chanel lipstick. Ouch.
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3. And you wanted to make a sundae after they went to bed.

Sorry. The chocolate syrup is being used as a brand-new-carpet topping instead.
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4. Flour power

Word to the wise: Invest in a good vacuum.
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5. A new meaning to the term car detailing

There are personalized license plates. Why not personalized hoods?
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6. Left their mark.

We really hope that’s brown paint, not poop (but we’re not betting on it).
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7. Let it snow?

This is not what you meant when you told them they could act out Frozen.
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8. What lies beneath

Our advice? Don’t look underneath the car seat. Just don’t.
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9. Potty training troubles

Does this count as giving her a bath?
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10. Baby Picasso’s blue period

Being a carpet-artist can be exhausting.

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By Madeline Schmitz