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Maternity Clothes Starter Guide: Bargain Buys

Save your dough for diapers (trust us, you’ll need it!), buy these five essential items on the cheap.

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Layering is the best way to make every item in your pregnancy wardrobe last a little bit longer, but there’s no need to splurge on these barely-seen basics.

> Essential U-neck T, $20, Ribbed Tank, $17 and Pure Body Long-Sleeve Crew T, $23 from Gap Maternity

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Whether you spend your weekends relaxing on the couch or running tons of errands, a pair of sweats and a matching hoodie will be ultra-comfy. Plus, you’ll still look put-together.

** Danskin Now Maternity Long-Sleeve Zip Hoodie, $12, and Danskin Now Maternity Knit Pants, $7 from Walmart

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Trendy Tops

Forget spending big bucks on trendy fashion finds. Remember, these of-the-moment items won’t make it through all three trimesters, and they’ll be out of style before baby number two.

> Sleeveless Button Front Maternity Top, $35, Motherhood Maternity

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Maternity Jeans

Go ahead, splurge on designer denims for trimester one and two, but pick a pair of cheaper pants for when your bump is extra big. Wear them again? You won’t even want to look at them.

** Maternity Extended-Sizes Bootcut Jeans, $21, Liz Lange Maternity for Target

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Your bra size will be changing and growing constantly — think anywhere from a big B to a DDD (no, that’s not a typo). Start shopping for inexpensive maternity (or nursing) bras that you won’t feel guilty tossing later.

** Bestform Sports Nursing Bras, $12, Walmart

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By Heather Levine