Newborn Basics

New Mom Survival Guide

Got a newborn on your hands? Get answers to all your must-know questions about bringing home baby.

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Got a newborn on your hands? Get answers to all your must-know questions about bringing home baby.

Let us guess: You've just made it home from the hospital, are totally exhausted, and starting to get a little overwhelmed by all this new mom stuff. (Are we right?) Boy, do we hear you. Those first few weeks (hey, even those first few months) with baby can be pretty intense. With so much to remember and so many "firsts" to cover, it's easy to be left feeling a bit unprepared. Lucky for you, we've put together the ultimate new mom survival guide, packed with all the need-to-know basics you may have missed in those massive baby books (that probably put you on information-overload). Need some swaddling help ASAP? Wondering whether baby's poop is normal? Read on and we'll help put your mind at ease.


         Q: Cutting baby's nails?
         Q: Umbilical cord care?**
         Q: ** Treating baby acne?
         Q: Swaddling how-to?**
         Q: ** What baby wants?
         Q: Important vaccines?

|            Q: Dealing with diaper rash?
         Q: Baby wipes okay?**
         Q: ** Diaper changing safety?

COOL TOOL: Be prepared for changing baby on-the-go. Print out our diaper bag checklist.


         Q: Breastfeeding solutions?**
         Q: ** Breastfeeding positions?
         Q: Burping basics?**
         Q: ** Picking a formula?
         Q: Bottle-feeding basics? 


Keep track of what goes into baby, as well as what comes out with our input/output tracker.
**Breastfeeding? Check out our BF'ing log and stay on top of baby's feedings.


         Q: How to bathe baby?
         Q: Bath supplies?
         Q: Circumcision care?
         Q: Treating cradle cap?

         Q: ** When to nap?
         Q: Baby's sleep needs?
         Q: Scheduled naps?**
         Q: ** Helping baby sleep?
         Q: Bedtime routine?
         Q: Resistance to crib?

COOL TOOL: **Stay on top of the little guy's snooze schedule with our sleep tracker.

** Q:** Newborn stress?
         Q: Keeping calm?
         Q: Sharing nighttime duties?
         Q: Parenting as a team?
         Q: Staying in touch with friends?


         Q: Baby poop?
         Q: Baby weight gain?
         Q: Baby bald patches?**
         Q: ** Soft spots?
         Q: Crossed eyes?

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By Kaitlin Stanford