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Weird, Wild And Adorable Ways Moms-to-Be Dressed Their Bumps For Halloween

From "aw" to "eek!" check out these unexpected and outrageous pregnant bellies — all dressed up for Halloween.

Lindsey B. / The Bump
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Pumpkin Farmers

Saddle up, partner! We're headed to the pumpkin patch to get this little guy a baby brother (or sister!).

Pregnant Chicken / The Bump
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Basketball and Net

Shooting for three!

Msylestine / The Bump
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Pregnant Pumpkin

I've been growing this pumpkin for almost nine months now!

Djordan / The Bump
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Piranha Plant from Super Mario Brothers

Apparently, this costume pays homage to Super Mario Brothers. At least it's creative.

LilSugar / The Bump
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Elephant and Peanut

We just hope the elephant doesn't try to eat the peanut.

JennyBHatch / The Bump
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Mike Wizowski from Monsters, Inc.

We can (sort of) see how a bulging belly somehow inspired this one-eyed monster.

ZFaerman / The Bump
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Staples’ Easy Button

If only there was a button that made labor easier.

Maternity Costumes / The Bump
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Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty eventually falls, but has he dropped yet?

Epinosa1 / The Bump
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PocketBurgers / The Bump
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Bun in the Oven

Now you're cooking!

LittleRainDrops / The Bump
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Baby Skeleton

Not sure whether to call this creative...or morbid?

Ni-Chern Designs / The Bump
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Magic Eight Ball

Will it be a boy or girl? Ask again later.

Krista F / The Bump
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Woodsy Jack-o-lantern

Halloween may be the holiday for ghosts, ghouls and goblins, but we don't think this spooky pumpkin is really all that frightening — it's actually pretty cute!

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By Leah Rocketto