Attending a baby shower? Look up the mom to be!
Baby Photos

Presidents Holding Babies

Every politician has to be photographed holding a baby, right? Check out these adorable photos of current and past presidents meeting their tiniest constituents. So sweet!

Who do you think will win this staring contest?

Silly Faces

Smart move, President Bush. Tantrum time = time to hand off baby.

Family Affair

Look at how tiny baby JFK Jr. looks! We love this photo of President Kennedy and First Lady Jackie at their newborn son’s christening.


This baby’s just chilling in President Clinton’s arms. Held by a POTUS? No biggie!

Flying High

This baby is catching serious air with the help of President George H.W. Bush.

Sweet Dreams

Shh, don’t wake the baby! President Reagan and First Lady Nancy only have eyes for this adorable little one.

By Sarah Yang