Second Trimester

Q&A: Sex Feels Different While Pregnant?

I'm finally back in the mood for sex... but things feel a little different down there. What's going on?

Ahh, the second trimester... Thanks to raging hormones and (hopefully) decreasing fatigue and nausea, your libido is rebounding nicely from the first trimester fade. In fact, some women find these middle months bring the best sex not just of their pregnancy, but of their lives. Keep in mind, though, that the changes in your body certainly don't skip your private parts.

Blood flow to your vagina's muscles and lining is increased, which can make it feel fuller. Some women find this pleasurable; others, uncomfortable. Lubrication and vaginal secretion will naturally increase, which again can be either nice or a nuisance. Try not to panic if you experience bleeding or spotting after sex. The increased blood flow to your cervix can result in broken blood vessels at its tip. Avoid deep penetration to lessen this disturbing (but harmless) occurrence, and don't hesitate to call the doc if you're especially concerned.

It’s also important to keep your husband abreast of the changes you’re experiencing. Your boobs and genitals are increasingly sensitive, and a touch to the same spot might feel extremely pleasurable one day and incredibly uncomfortable the next. Don't hesitate to give him careful instructions — he can't know what feels good unless you tell him.

By Paula Kashtan