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Prenatal Checkups & Tests

Q&A: Should I Have CVS/amnio?

Q: Should I have diagnostic prenatal testing? And if I do, amniocentesis or CVS?

First, know there’s no“right” or “wrong” answer to this one. Folks have all kinds of different opinions (and like it or not, you’ll probably hear more than a few), but it truly comes down to what you and your partner are comfortable with. Click through the Q&As below for more info.

Q: What do CVS and amniocentesis test for?

Q: Is my baby at increased risk for birth defects?

Q: Do CVS and amnio cause miscarriages?

Q: How can I reduce the risk from tests?

Q: Why should I consider diagnostic testing?

Q: Do I need to speak with a genetic counselor?

Q: What's the difference between CVS and amnio? Which should I have?

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By Paula Kashtan