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Hilariously Awesome Photos Of Sleeping Babies

What’s up with babies? How do they manage to fall asleep just about anywhere? Here are some of our favorite pics of babies catching some zzz’s.
Couch Potato
Baby probably fell asleep while catching up on some DVRed shows. Submitted by Moriah J.
Hands Off
Who needs an eye mask when you’ve got fists? Submitted by Sara
Sleepy Smile
Baby just keeps on smiling — even in dreamland! Submitted by cbleahy
Guess baby’s okay sleeping at a weird angle. Submitted by Heather Sp
Comfy Chair
This little guy looks so comfortable in his bouncer. Submitted by Jessica K.
Chubby Hands
Chubby hands on chubby cheeks — too cute! Submitted by Moriah J.
Baby looks like he wanted to suck his thumb but missed it by this much. Submitted by Jessica G.
Great Outdoors
Baby’s just taking a snooze outside — how peaceful! Submitted by Amanda R.
Pumpkin Patch Sleep

Safe to say that this baby wasn't exactly ready for a close up! Submitted by Jackie S.


Camera Flash
“No paparazzi, please!” Submitted by Natalya M.
Super Fury Snooze
I'm not sure who looks comfier here — this little girl or her stuffed pooch! Submitted by Tomomi M.
Air Guitar Performance (In His Sleep!)
OK — got to give this little guy credit: he's taking a snooze and playing the air guitar at the SAME time! Submitted by Kamala C.
Almost Made It!
As adorable as this photo is, I can't help wondering how comfortable that is! Submitted by Kelly C.
Sound Asleep on Daddy's Lap
This baby wins first prize for creativity! Who would have ever thought you could snooze here? Submitted by Cassie B.
A peaceful snoozing baby Buddha — does it get any better than this?!?! Submitted by Deanna W.
Snoorin' on the Job!
Too much typing for one day! This little lady needs a nap — stat! Submitted by Natalie I.
"Don't Look at Me!"
We know baby isn't really flipping the bird to his mama — but how funny is this?! Submitted by Julianna D.
Asleep in Aisle 5
Somewhere between the Cheerios and baby food aisle, this little guy needed to catch some zzz's! We get it, dude! Submitted by Lisa
Sunshine Snooze
Now this little babe knows how to live the dream (and I'm totally jealous!). Submitted by Raffaella
Fist Pumping All the Way to Dreamland!
This baby is sleeping and getting an arm workout. Keep 'em raised! Submitted by Kamala E.
Fast Asleep on Top of Her Pup
This takes the term "faithful companion" to a whole new level! Can't believe this pooch is okay with baby snoozing on his head! Submitted by Shannon E.
Just Like Daddy
No, you're not seeing double. This baby totally picked up on daddy's sleeping habits! How adorable! Submitted by Betsy M.
Sound Asleep on Santa!

I think Santa Clause has met his match! Instead of swapping Christmas lists, these two decided to just press snooze! Submitted by Nicole K.

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