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Your Toddler: 19-24 Months

Top 10 Toddler Backpacks

Toting a diaper bag to day care or Grandma’s house doesn’t seem appropriate anymore? Grab one of these adorable mini packs for your growing toddler.
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Dinosaur backpack
Can’t you just imagine packing up this happy dino for a trip to the history museum or science center? $20,
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Ladybug backpack
This adorable embroidered bag is upgraded with nifty features, like lamination (so it’s easier to clean) and a padded back panel and straps for extra comfort. $42,
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Rocket backpack
Spring for an extra $7 to get your “rocket man’s” name embroidered on this appliquéd rocket pack. $30,
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Gator halfpack
This spiky (yet soft) alligator-inspired bag is sure to turn heads whenever your tot wears it. $48,
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Butterfly backpack
We’re loving the modern design on this girly (but not froufrou) canvas pack. $22, 
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Construction truck backpack
Perfect for the kid obsessed with construction vehicles, this bag has an insulated front pocket, so it’s a lunch tote and backpack in one. $27,
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Penguin backpack
We can’t get over the retro charm of this cool penguin. $40,
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Ice cream backpack
Okay we can’t resist: This vinyl appliquéd bag is supersweet! $27,
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Lion backpack
Sick of zippers and Velcro? This old-school-style canvas lion backpack has a magnetic closure. $40,
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Teeny turtle backpack
This one’s super small, so it’s perfect for a little toddler without much to carry (think a sippy cup and a couple toys). It comes with an extra “safety rein” in case you need help keeping your toddler close. $35,
By Elena Donovan Mauer