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Breastfeeding mama, unless you plan on hiding in your home for the next few months, you're going to have to nurse baby in public. And if you're nervous about showing too much skin, one of these cute covers should put you at ease.
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Nursing Cover That’s Also a Pashmina
We're smitten with the Jolly Jumper Pashmama — and not just because of the clever name. There's something chic about the fact that you can wear this neutral cover as a pashmina, and no one would ever guess it was also used for breastfeeding. (Heck, you could actually be breastfeeding and people might not realize you were doing it.) $29,
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Personalized Nursing Cover
If you're looking for something extra special, check out Hooter Hiders by Bebe au Lait. They come in a variety of patterns, like this smart argyle-inspired design, and can be personalized with your (or baby's!) embroidered initials or name. $45,
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Easy-to-Use Nursing Cover
The Boppy nursing cover comes in the cute patterns the company is known for. Plus, it has an adjustable strap, so you get the right fit, and a ring you can slide from one side to the other, so you remember which way you fed baby last. $25,
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Most Versatile Nursing Cover
Is it a nursing cover or is it a throw? Shopping cart cover or stroller blanket? Actually, it's all of the above! $50,
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Luxe Nursing Cover
We're in love with the bold pattern and silky fabric of this Itzy Ritzy Ritzy Nurser. It's more rigid at the neckline, so you can make eye contact with baby during a feeding — without everyone else seeing what's going on under there. $40,
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Best Cover for Baby Watching
The fabulously named, celebrity favorite Booby Trapper has an exclusive double rim design which keeps fabric away from baby’s face, making lots of adoring eye contact possible between mom and baby. Its generous design means you don’t have to wrangle and hold it down in order to get perfect privacy. $48
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Stylish Nursing Cover

How awesome is the Reno Rose Pirose? We'd wear it as a scarf even if we weren't nursing. $40,

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By Elena Donovan Mauer