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Weekly Inspiration: A Parisian-themed Baby Shower

A special thanks to Brian Leahy Photography for sharing this incredible California baby shower. From the baby's attendance to the upscale Parisian decor, so much makes this affair unique.

Brian Leahy Photography
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Named Title
Brian Leahy Photography
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proud parents

Nicole and Eric welcomed baby Elijah, and he was lucky enough to attend his own shower at just a few days old.

Brian Leahy Photography
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beach party

The shower took place at Eric and Nicole's home in Manhatten Beach, California.

Brian Leahy Photography
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Parisian decor

Wondering where the theme inspiration came from? The couple visited Paris, and also wanted to pay tribute to Eric's French Canadian heritage. This theme didn't end with the decor; they also played French cafe music to set the mood.

Brian Leahy Photography
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blue and yellow

Nicole says that they saw the blue and yellow color combination in Paris, and thought it was beautiful and unexpected. It's fun, colorful and still baby boy-appropriate.

Brian Leahy Photography
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place setting

Does this place setting have you envisioning a wedding reception instead of a baby shower? Needless to say, we're impressed.

Brian Leahy Photography
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tall order

Any baby who gets a five-tier cake must be a pretty important little man.

Brian Leahy Photography
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cookie cutter

The baby-themed shapes of these gorgeous cookies give a fun flair to the oh-so-fancy shindig.

Brian Leahy Photography
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tiny treats

How perfect are these tiny lemon maringue tarts? Finger food is ideal for mingling at showers.

Brian Leahy Photography
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word game

Guests played a "Baby Babble" word unscrambling game. How pretty is that stationary?

By Anisa Arsenault