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6 Weirdest Baby Keepsakes We’ve Ever Seen

What's weirder: Necklaces made from babies teeth or baby butt molds (yep, baby butt molds)?

While the jury deliberates (and I decide whether or not to send my mom a 24-year-old cast of my very own derriere), we rounded up the most outrageous keepsakes moms have turned to in order to remember baby's biggest moments. Photo albums, be damned!

Check out these unbelievable keepsakes:

What's one thing you absolutely won't ever part with?

Photo Courtesy of rockmyworldinc / Etsy
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Baby Teeth Necklaces

Adorn your wrist, neck or fingers with molds of baby's first molars!

Photo Courtesy of Little Cord Art
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Umbilical Cord Art

Not into banking baby's cord blood? Add a little splash of cord color to baby's nursery walls instead.

Photo Courtesy of Brighton Baby Casting
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Baby Bottom Molds

Baby. Butt. Molds. You can't make this stuff up, you guys.

Photo Courtesy of flirtandflutter / Etsy
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Baby's First Haircut Necklace

Say so long to storing baby's first haircut in a plastic bag at the bottom of your dresser. Now, you can wear those bangs proud year round on your neck!

Shutterstock / The Bump
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Your Big Fat Positive!

Save those used pee sticks! They're living, peeing proof that you created life!

Photo Courtesy of MommyMilk
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Breast Milk Jewelry

When famine strikes, just melt the mold to feed the family.

By Kylie McConville