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The 12 Worst Things Ever Said To A New Mom

From unsolicited advice that comes from someone without kids to real-life momzillas who always one-up baby’s accomplishments, read on for the 12 worst comments new mamas have ever heard (and prepare for some serious LOLs).

“I can’t believe you’re not breastfeeding! How can you do that to your baby?” — cosmosrmydrink14
What to say back : “Not that it’s any of your business, but I had a really hard time breastfeeding. And, by the way, how I feed my baby is a personal choice — don’t judge me for it.”

“Here, let me do it. You’re not doing it right.” — _toeshoezntutus
_ What to say back : “I know you’re just trying to help, but I’d rather get constructive criticism than just plain criticism.”

“You don’t need to breastfeed her every time she cries. You’re going to spoil her!” — riley4283
_ What to say back : “I didn’t know that feeding my child was spoiling her.”

“‘He looks _just _like his daddy!’ I swear if I hear that one more time….” — _MrsLCH
_ What to say back : “Yep, it’s true, I wasn’t having an affair.”

“You think you’re tired now? You have months of sleepless nights ahead of you.” — firstsweetsarah
What to say back : “And I can’t wait!”

“Your baby’s huge…what are you feeding her?” — _preshpitbull<3
_ What to say back : “Your leftovers.” (Okay, we wouldn’t really say this, but we might think it.)

“_My _son never cries.” — _higheelz77
_ What to say back : “I guess you’re just very lucky.”

“So when are you going to give him a sibling?” — Mspeanutbutter23
_ What to say back : “Let’s see how things go with this one first.”

“Oh, you’re just hormonal.” — _Wifezzilla
_ What to say back : “No, actually, I’m not.”

“So when are you due?” — _*gazr*
_ What to say back : “I just had my baby, but when are _you _due? Maybe our kids will be in playgroup together.”

“Are you finally going to get your tubes tied?” — _lilbit923
_ What to say back : “Are you finally going to get some manners?”

“What’s its name?” — _Maryland+Baby
_ What to say back : “‘It’ is a person, just like you, and I’d prefer you address her that way!”

*Hey Bumpies, what’s the worst comment _you’ve _ever heard as a new mom?

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