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Product description

The First Lil’ Gripper™ Straw Trainer Cup is the ideal cup for babies transitioning from bottles to cups. As the first squeezable straw trainer cup on the market, this easy-to-use cup was designed by a child development expert to help moms teach their babies how to suck and drink from a straw. Since it’s a skill that many infants already possess, the natural motion of drinking from a straw serves as an easy transition for an infant after coming off of the bottle.

This innovative Lil’ Gripper™ Trainer Cup includes many new features to make the bottle to cup transition easier than ever:

Squeezing Feature:
• This sturdy cup can be squeezed by an adult to help push the liquid up, allowing the child to learn to suck the liquid more easily
• The squeezing feature is such that a parent can squeeze, but a child could not easily do so. This makes it easier for children to learn how straws work and for moms to track a child's development.

Easy to Use:
• Simple for a child to drink from, while allowing Mom to easily train and track her child’s development
• Ergonomically designed with easy grip handles for little hands
• Equipped with our Twist ‘n Click leak-proof seal technology, which provides spill-proof guaranteed protection
• Features a slider to keep the straw clean when not in use

Other Benefits:
• 100% spill-proof, leak-proof, break-proof guarantee
• Easy cleaning
• Dishwasher safe
• BPA Free and Phthalate Free
• Interchangeable lid
Colors: Purple, Green, Blue, pink

Where to Buy
Mass market retailers including Babies R Us, Target and Walmart. Online at