Daddy's Little Firefighter
Daddy's Little Firefighter
Daddy's Little Firefighter

Daddy's Little Firefighter

Molly C

Our little boy will grow up to love helping others just like his daddy in his firefighter room. My husband is a full-time firefighter and risks his life everyday when he walks into the station doors. Our son will grow in his room knowing his daddy is a hero. The top half of the room is traditional white and the bottom half is a dark light gray with a darker gray chair rail seperating the two. His daddy's old helmet hangs in one corner while his grandpa's old gear sits in the other corner.

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I love it! My husband is a firefighter and if we're having a boy we'll do his nursery in a fire theme.
I love it - My husband is a fire Captain and if we have a boy, his room will be a fire theme ;)