Molleigh's (aka: Chunky Monkey's) Jungle
Molleigh's (aka: Chunky Monkey's) Jungle
Molleigh's (aka: Chunky Monkey's) Jungle

Molleigh's (aka: Chunky Monkey's) Jungle

Amanda D

When we found out that we were expecting, we decided NOT to find out what we were having, so we called our unborn child "monkey" and based on that we decided to go with the "Jungle" theme. We had an artist to come in and based on our bedding, paint a scene on the wall opposite the crib. The entire room was repainted and new floors put in by my husband!! The room is awesome and everyone loves it, as do we. Our child has a terminal illness (Trisomy 13),which makes the room even more special!

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So sorry to hear that. We are praying for your family and baby. May God bring you peace. It is a beautiful room!
Jamie Patterson
I had a foster sister with Trisomy 13. Her room was busy & bright (just like her:) with Gerber daisies & butterflies. I know your child will absolutely LOVE this beautiful room!