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Baby Shower Spotlight: A Gorgeously Green Gender Surprise!

To kick start our series on real (easy! affordable! beautiful! unique! and fun!) baby showers , we wanted to show off one trend that is picking up serious speed these days: a neutral gender surprise party! Instead of sticking to traditional neutrals, yellows and browns, this mom-to-be and her guests kept things interesting with white, black and celery green shower details. Take a look for yourself:_ We want to hear from you! Have baby shower photos that you are just dying to share? Show it off, mama! Email photos from your beautiful day to us at [email protected] _ to be featured in our _Baby Shower Spotlight series. Make sure to include details about your shower theme, color scheme and also who to give photo credit to. We can't wait to see!_

Rani Wolkin / The Bump
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Personalized tag

Make no mistakes about it, mama, this baby is intended for you! (And so is this yummy cake!)

Rani Wolkin / The Bump
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Fun lantern display

An affordable, adorable decor solution that you can reuse time and time again!

Rani Wolkin / The Bump
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Shower goodies

Using vases, apothecary jars and mason jars creates a simple, do-it-yourself treats display guests will love. Plus, it's easy decor!

Rani Wolkin / The Bump
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Grab 'n' go treats

Coordinate your sweets to compliment (not cloud) your delicious cake.

Rani Wolkin / The Bump
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Simple, chic cake

Make dessert the focal point of your sweet treats table. And use your color-scheme to make it really pop!

Rani Wolkin / The Bump
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Casual decor

Don't burden your guests with too much decoration. Balloons, paper lanterns and festive bouquets add a simple, beautiful touch.

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