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Choose Between Career And Family? You Don’t Have to

Photo: Getty Images

These days, the career decisions women make when they're pregnant go way beyond going back to work after baby or staying at home. In fact, some successful women are launching lucrative businesses while they're expecting. And even though a baby on the way can put a few extra, um, bumps in the road, they're doing it and doing it well.

Check out this article from The New York Times about a few of these business-savvy moms — one of of them is the co-founder of our company (the main photo was taken just steps away from our desks!). You may be inspired to start your own company too!

Did you make any big career decisions while you were pregnant? How much of it was influenced by your pregnancy?

By Elena Donovan Mauer. From Kegels to breastfeeding to baby poop, there’s no topic off-limits (or too gross!) for Elena. She also writes about pret...