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For Dinner Tonight: Mini Nacho Pizzas

Photo: The Nest

Next weekend will be loaded up with backyard barbeques, delicious summer snacks and tons of sweet treats, so tonight let's try for a little change of pace, shall we? These mini nacho pizzas are a dinnertime must and we love how creative and colorful (read: loaded with veggies!) you can get with your meal.

For the kid who hates spinach, the daddy that doesn't like cheese or the mama-to-be who's trying to load up on extra veggies — this is your dinner dream come true! Make it a family contest to see who can put together the brightest plate, or who can make the funniest pizza face. Tonight's the night to play with your food — so get started!

For the mini nacho pizza recipe, head on over to, where all sorts of delicious ideas await you.


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