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For Dinner Tonight: Grilled Cuban Sandwiches

Photo: The Nest

Anybody else feeling like we went from uncomfortably chilly temperatures to unbelievably scorching weather just like that? We do — and with the heat comin' in quick, the last place we want to be is stuck in the kitchen. So tonight, we've planned a simple yet sophisticated dish that's easy to prepare, won't keep you cooped up in the house (unless you've got the AC on blast, y'all!) and won't break the bank:  Grilled cuban sandwiches. If you've got pork, Swiss, mustard and bread in the house, then this meal is a relatively quick fix for you — but if not, a quick trip to the local grocery won't hurt.

The juicy, fresh flavors and the crisp crunch of the pickles make this tasty sandwich a dinner must. To be honest, I can't wait to to try it! Now, it's your turn to try it out. Head on over to for the grilled cuban sandwich recipe!

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