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Moms Come Out For The Bring Your Baby Matinees!

Last Tuesday we hosted our second Bring Your Baby Matinee at AMC theaters around the country. Moms got to bring their babies to a showing of The Hunger Games in a baby-friendly atmosphere — that means the volume's lower, the lights aren't completely dimmed, there's stroller parking, breastfeeding is allowed and no one will get mad if your baby's crying! Take a look at some pictures from the event and join us next month for a screening of The Lucky One on May 1st. Get more info here. Photos by Andrea Fischman

Andrea Fischman
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Boppy Time

These moms are testing out their new Boppys.

Andrea Fischman
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The matinees are a great way to hang out with your other mom friends.

Andrea Fischman
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Ticket Holder

Baby's got her ticket ready.

Andrea Fischman
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Cozy and Comfy

Baby looks ready for naptime.

Andrea Fischman
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Snack Time

What's a movie without popcorn?

Andrea Fischman
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Stroller Parking

There's enough room for everyone's strollers.

Andrea Fischman
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Boppy Giveaways

The first 10 moms in the theater received a free travel Boppy.

Andrea Fischman
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Mommy and Me

This duo is getting in some playtime before the movie starts.

Andrea Fischman
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Snuggle Session

Mom and baby are settling in.

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Gear Up

This mom's got all she needs for the movie.

Andrea Fischman
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This tot is ready to hang out.

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We love The Hunger Games!

Check out this cool poster.

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