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Must-Watch Video: 9 Months In 95 Seconds

Here at The Bump, we’re always talking about cool ways to take your weekly belly photos — and think photography is a great way to document your growing bump. But here’s an idea we hadn’t seen yet: a time lapse video.

This couple filmed themselves from very early in the pregnancy until birth — paying special attention to the mom-to-be’s belly — and edited it all into a 95-seond video. Check out how their home changes (they even move!), and how the mom-to-be’s body changes, throughout nine months. At the end, they’re a family of three with new baby Amelie Amaya in their arms. Amazing!

What do you think of this video? How have you documented your pregnancy?

By Elena Donovan Mauer. From Kegels to breastfeeding to baby poop, there’s no topic off-limits (or too gross!) for Elena. She also writes about pret...