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Pregnancy According To Snooki

Congrats to Snooki who revealed on her Facebook page that she’s expecting a boy (or mini guido). Ever since the Jersey Shore star confirmed her pregnancy, she’s been chatting nonstop about the joys of pregnancy and becoming a new mom. Not to be outdone by Jessica Simpson, Snooki has had some memorable pregnancy moments, too. She’s not due for a while, so we expect more craziness in the months to come. For now, check out what she’s been up to so far. What do you think Snooki's going to name her baby? Did we miss any other Snooki pregnancy moments?

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On seeing her first sonogram pic:

“It looks like an alien!” – Snooki told Us Weekly

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On being a new mom:

“I’m excited to be a MILF!” – Snooki told MTV

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On potential baby names:

“I want something Italian and normal. Not Blanket. Or Lamp.” – she told Us Weekly

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On hitting the clubs on Jersey Shore’s 6th season (which starts filming this summer):

“I don’t want to be one of those moms who’s pregnant in a club. It’s disgusting!” – she told Us Weekly

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On getting glam for labor:

“My labor shoes! Bahahaha” — Twitter

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On pregnancy solidarity:

“I love reading other ladies pregnancy experiences! Makes me feel like I'm not alone and a crazy b$#&%.” — Twitter

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On baby’s music (club music, not lullabies):

“When my baby can hear sound I'm gonna blast Dobenbeck, Ercola, Medina, Kaskade & Tiesto.” – Twitter

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On feeling the baby move:

“I always feel the strongest movement at night! I think he/she loves Family Guy.” — Twitter

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On summer pregnancies:

“Omg it's only 74 degrees and I'm dying. This summer is going to SUCK for us preggers ladies!” — Twitter

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On “dissing” Jessica Simpson’s baby weight:

“I NEVER dissed Jessica Simpson you weirdo tabloids, get over it with your "pregnant war" articles. I love the girl and her hot a$$ bump.” — Twitter

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