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2011 Mom-Approved Strollers!

Got a stroller you totally love? Vote for it now in our ultimate stroller showdown!

Alright, mamas: We all know how stroller shopping can be kind of fun, but also kind of a pain in the butt, with so many options out there to choose from. And there’s nothing worse than investing a ton in a sweet ride for baby that turns out later to be totally wrong for your lifestyle. Which is why we love hearing from mamas who give us the lowdown on just what it is they love about their stroller — or better yet, what they might hate about it. So here’s the deal: We’ve rounded up some of the most popular strollers out there for the ultimate stroller showdown. Vote for your favorite stroller in each category below (and help other mamas out by commenting below on why you love it) and then cast your vote for the Best Overall Stroller! >>

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